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Personal Concierge

Asher is originally from California, and has been living in the Manuel Antonio area since 2001. Here she has raised her two sons whom where born in Costa Rica. Over the years Asher has owned and managed many businesses in the area of tourism. She is familiar with the logistics of travel and also knows how to make guests of all ages enjoy the natural beauty of Costa Rica. Asher is your own personal concierge. She will help you have a more exciting and unique travel experience.

Asher has an extensive knowledge of Costa Rica, Manuel Antonio, and of Tulemar. This allows her to customize each guest’s stay so they can enjoy with planning ease, all that the area has to offer. Having raised her family there, she can recommend first hand, the best restaurants, best spas, best tours, best guides, etc. She will help you plan activities for all the guests in your party. Everyone from toddlers to seniors, from adventure tours to spa treatments.

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Spa Services and yoga

We are proud to offer the services of Spa Holis to all of our guests.   They offer everything from manicures and pedicures to massages and body wraps to yoga and pilates classes. All of these services can be offered in the privacy of the Garden House or at the spa which is just two blocks from the house. Here is a link to their website where you can see their full spa menu:

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Private Chef

Garden House offers a private chef for all our guests.

• It is $1,200 a week for a private chef to come and cook all three daily meals for up to ten people at the Garden House (plus the cost of groceries)

• It is $1000 a week for just breakfasts and dinners (plus groceries)

• Individual meals: • Single Breakfast $80 • Single dinner $130 • Single Lunch $110 (plus groceries)

Chef Tito is our primary chef that we use, but we also work with other local chefs when Tito is busy cooking at other private homes. All our chefs are very talented and flexible with their cooking styles. Chef Tito owned his own Caribbean style restaurant in Quepos for many years before deciding that he wanted to dedicate his time to cooking in a more private setting with tourists.

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Private Photography

Many guests love to capture their memories of their vacations in Costa Rica. You can hire a private, professional photographer to come and take family photos for you.  The Tulemar beach is the perfect setting for this.  The costs vary depending on the time spent on the shoot and the number of people. Here is a link to one of our favorite local photographer: John Williamson

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Car Rental

Adobe Rent a Car in Costa Rica is the car rental company with best value, since 1990. The company focuses in delivering a complete service at a reasonable price, with no hidden fees. They offer cars with less than 24 months and the most comprehensive insurance available in the market. They offer the most cost-effective option in the market, with rentals for a day, a weekend, a week, a month or long term rentals. You can visit their site here:

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About Manuel Antonio

Sparkling white sandy beaches and shimmering blue water

Manuel Antonio is a small town located in the tropical forest of Costa Rica. This cozy place is in the Central Pacific coast. It is the most visited national park of the country. How ever, even if It’s one of the smallest, more than 100 species of mammals and birds live here. Above all, there are amazing landscapes of mountains and white sandy beaches hidden in a jungle. It has also a large marine biodiversity with beautiful coral reefs.

Inside the park you can enjoy several hiking trails. All of them have universal accessibility facilities, rest areas and scenic overlooks. Therefore FORBES ranked Manuel Antonio amongst the 12 most beautiful parks in the world.

Interesting Links

Kids Saving the Rainforest is a non-profit organization in Quepos. They operate a wildlife sanctuary. As a result, this is the home to animals who cannot be released back into the wild. KSTRF offer educational tours to help people learn about the dangers of human-wildlife interaction. So, this way they teach them respect for wildlife.

Titi Conservation Alliance started in 2001 in Manuel Antonio. A group of business owners within the tourist industry recognized the need for conservation of their natural environment. As a result, this will help to maintain prosperity for the local community. Consequently this group of entrepreneurs began the Alliance with the mission in order to promote sustainable development and therefore, to conserve the biodiversity of Costa Rica’s Central Pacific Region.

Marina Pez Vela is a polished facility that wouldn’t be out of place in West Palm Beach, let alone Quepos. Above all, it has a nice variety of high-end restaurants and stores. Therefore, it is worth a visit.

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About Tulemar Condominiums

First, Tulemar condominiums is a thirty-three acre gated and secure residential resort. It’s located right in the heart of Manuel Antonio. There is over 45 different and unique accommodations. They range from rustic Bungalows to luxurious Private Villas. Second, jungle and abundant wildlife surround the properties. Therefore, in Tulemar you’ll see monkeys, sloths and exotic birds throughout the property and our hiking trails.

At the Tulemar Beach you’ll find warm, tropical waters with a sandy beach and lots of shady palm trees. Additionally, you can get free lounge chairs, umbrellas, kayaks, boogie boards, towels and food/beverage service.

Tulemar condominiums is not the traditional all-inclusive resort or franchised  hotel. Here you will not find loud music playing around the pool areas or lobby. In conclusion, Tulemar condominiums is continually ranked among the top three properties in the world by Trip Advisor.

Map of Tulemar
Map of Tulemar

Interesting links

Ecologic Blue Flag Program
The Ecologic Blue Flag Program is the answer to strengthen public health and tourist activities. Today it is an annual award that is administered by several institutions from the public sector and private companies.

Beach Category

In the case of the beach category, its final qualification can reach five stars if they carry out efforts in other aspects that have been considered to accomplish a comprehensive development within the suggested focus.

The Sloth Institute

The Sloth Institute is located in Manuel Antonio and focuses on the research, education and release of hand-raised and injured sloths back to the rainforest. They also collaborate with Toucan Rescue Ranch to release their hand-raised orphaned sloths.

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About Wild life

 Costa Rica supports an enormous variety of wildlife, due in large part to its geographic position between the North and South American continents, its neotropical climate, and its wide variety of habitats. Costa Rica is home to more than 500,000 species, which represents nearly 4% of the total species estimated worldwide, making Costa Rica one of the 20 countries with the highest biodiversity in the world. Of these 500,000 species, a little more than 300,000 are insects.

One of the principal sources of Costa Rica’s biodiversity is that the country, together with Panama, formed a bridge connecting the North and South American continents approximately three to five million years ago. This bridge allowed the very different flora and fauna of the two continents to mix.

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